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Tuesday, June 1

7:30pm-9:00pm (90 minutes via Zoom)

$20 per person


Eric is thrilled to partner with the Sharon Playhouse and share his experience as a playwright, collaborator, and Broadway performer. Join him for 90 minutes of stories, tips, and exercises that will help you find your voice and inspire you to write that play that's been in your head for years. 

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Help us raise the curtain on the next chapter of our theatre’s history!


A theater isn’t dates, isn’t productions, isn’t a building ramshackle or modern, isn’t lights or curtains or costumes. A theater is people: the People who dream of it, launch it, impose their tastes and judgments on it; the people who act on its stage and work offstage and out of sight; the people who work in the box office and smile; the ushers, the audience which comes week after week because they like what they see and sense a dedication behind what's happening on stage; the people who give money over and above the price of tickets because they realize that the performing arts are not, anywhere, a profit-making business; the whole community which develops a kind of pride in what is being accomplished within its boundaries. A theater, a Playhouse, is people ... all kinds of people.

                                                                                   Judson Phillips - Circa 1980s

Since the 1930’s The Sharon Playhouse has been a staple in the community.  It’s humble beginnings began in a theatre where the Firehouse stands today. Theatre is a place where we gather to be entertained and enriched. We  come together with family and friends, meet neighbors in the lobby, and through the stories on our stage reconnect with our best selves, with each other, and with the world at large. In the coming year we will need our theatre more than ever. We’ll need a place to come together and hear the stories that help shape our sense of the world and of each other. We will need to celebrate our community and our humanity. We will need the Sharon Playhouse. And right now the Playhouse needs you.

With the support of the Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the federal CARES Act.