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What are the extra benefits of subscribing? 


As a Season Subscriber, you receive all 4 productions and save over $15 off the single ticket price.

Seat Ownership

As a Season Subscriber, you are entitled to renew your same seats for the same series each year.

Priority Seating

As a Season Subscriber, you receive the best seats available all season.


As a Season Subscriber, you have unlimited ticket exchanges for another performance of the same show. Also, Season Subscribers have the option to SWAP ONE of your four season subscription shows for a seat to one of the other shows. Only one swap per season. We cannot guarantee the same seats when swapping tickets. Ticket exchanges are easily completed over the phone. Call the box office at least two days prior to the curtain date and time indicated on the tickets you need to exchange. 

Additional Tickets

As a Season Subscriber, you have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets before they go on sale to the general public.  All sales are final. NO REFUNDS.

This is a great place to tell people more about your special day and get them excited to celebrate.

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Early bird four-show Fixed subscription packages are available now at $99 until January 1 2020.  Subscriptions can be purchased now through the Sharon Playhouse box office by calling (860) 364-7469 X 200 or online at Tickets for individual performances will be available starting March 1.

$99 Fixed Subscription 

With the Fixed Season Subscription at $99 you will attend all four productions on the same day of the week, the same time, and have the same seats for each production. For example, if you enjoy attending our Thursday at 2 p.m. performances, the dates are already set for you… all you have to do is select the Thursday 2 p.m. series, and let us know your favorite seats. The best part of being a Season Subscriber is having seat ownership, and the ability to renew your same seats each year without losing them. 


Tickets for all 4 shows  
$125.00 for Standard Seats 
$145 for Premium Seats


The Flex Pass is a pack of four (4) tickets good for any show in our 2019 Sharon Playhouse season. The Flex Pass allows you to lock a lower ticket price— a savings of over 30% off the regular price ticket —while still giving you the flexibility to see only the shows you want to see.

The Flex Pass is like purchasing season tickets without committing to a set schedule. You can use your tickets in any combination you wish - for one production or several. This way, you can create your own personal Sharon Playhouse Theatre subscription - selecting the shows and dates you prefer.

For example, a flex ticket holder who buys 2 Flex tickets has in effect purchased 8 admissions to the Playhouse. He or she might use 2 tickets for a Wednesday evening performance of the first show, use 4 tickets for a Friday evening performance for the second show, skip the third show altogether, and use the remaining 4 tickets for the fourth show. Unlike Classic Season Ticket holders who have the same seats for the same performance each show, Flex Ticket holders need to call the Box Office and make reservations each time they want to use their Flex Tickets. Flex Ticket holders cannot be guaranteed a ticket if a performance has sold out. 


  1. Call or visit the Box Office to purchase your Flex Pass. You’ll be given a set of four (4) Flex tickets, which then must be redeemed for reserved seats at the show of your choice.

  2. When you’re ready to make your plans, call the Box Office to reserve your seats. Let them know you’re a Flex Pass ticket holder and give them the flex pass numbers you are using for the reservation.

  3. When you arrive at the theatre, stop by Will Call window located in the Box Office to exchange the Flex tickets for the reserved seating tickets and enjoy the show!


To purchase either Subscription Click Link Below or

call the Box Office at 860-364-7469 X 200