Sharon Playhouse Safety Policies and Procedures 

during Covid 19 Pandemic


The safety of our students, performers, guests and staff are of the utmost importance. We at the Playhouse are taking the following precautions to ensure everyone’s safety based on local, state and federal guidelines. 


•      As of 3/19/2021 The state quarantine mandate for travel has been lifted.  Here at the Playhouse we would still advise that any travel plans be made so there is at least 10 days prior to the first day of rehearsals.  The only exception are those traveling from New England, New York and New Jersey. 

•      Each session will be limited to 12 students. (This is subject to change based on CDC and local guidelines)


•      All students will have their temperature checked before entering the theatre complex with a no-touch thermometer. If a student has a temperature of over 100.4 degrees or higher, they will be asked to return home. 

•      Music Stands and Microphones will be placed on stage at least 6 feet apart (this will be dictated by the staging that will take place before arrival in Sharon).  Microphones, when shared, will be cleaned with a sanitizing wipe between use by different performers.


•      Students are requested to maintain social distance while entering and exiting stage to the best of their abilities.


•      Students off-stage are asked to maintain at least 6 feet distance between themselves when not performing. 


•      Students shall wear face masks at all times when not on stage. 


•      Each Student shall have their own “space” in the greenroom area.  This space is 31 ft by 51 ft.   It is requested that parents and guardians not enter the greenroom area (unless there is an emergency) to ensure social distancing among the actors and technical staff. 


•      The Sharon Playhouse supplies disinfecting spray throughout the theatre complex.  There are also non-touch hand sanitizing dispensers throughout as well, including the green room area. 


•      Restrooms are cleaned regularly throughout the day and are supplied with additional sanitizing spray.


This is our plan as of today. We know things change rapidly these days. Some restrictions may be lifted by July. Other restrictions may be placed upon us. A few days before each week of Youth Theater starting, you will receive a “WELCOME” email with updated details regarding drop off, pick up, performance, etc. 

Please consider all of the above. We are looking forward to summer with a safe, positive attitude in hopes of giving the children an outstanding experience. We hope you feel confident with our plan. 


If the program changes into a format that you are not comfortable with, or that does not work for you or your child, you may withdraw your registration before the program starts and receive a credit or refund.  Refunds will not be approved within one month of the start of rehearsals of the production you are registering.

Patron Safety Precautions


•      Keep 6ft distance with people when exiting your vehicle and at all times on the playhouse property.


•      Masks must be used at all times when not in your vehicle


•      You must remain in your vehicle at all times during the performance, with the exception of going to the restroom.  NO social gatherings are permitted anywhere on the playhouse property.

•     Our lobby restrooms will be available.  

•      There will be socially distance markers in front of each restroom to show you where to stand while waiting.

•            Touchless hand sanitizers will be available in each restroom


•            Restrooms will be cleaned regularly.


•            No more than three people allowed in the restroom at any time

•            Besides the hand sanitizers in each restroom, volunteers will also have spray bottles with hand 

            sanitizers for your use.


If there are any questions or concerns about any of the above precautions, please contact managing

director Robert Levinstein @