Audition Sides -


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Sides/Music provided are for callbacks only.  However, due to the short time between preliminary calls and callbacks, feel free to print and familiarize yourself with the material on the chance you are asked to come back.


Roles available (Union or non-union)


Tommy Albright

Good natured leading man.  He’s generally happy, but has a sense that something is missing in his life, until he gets to Brigadoon and meets Fiona.  Should be charming and confident, but not cocky.  Strong actor with wonderful bari-tenor voice. (UNION OR NON)

Gender: Male Age: early/mid 30’s


Jeff Douglas

Tommy’s best friend and traveling companion.  He is retiring, charming and good natured with a dry and sarcastic sense of humor.  Must have excellent comic timing.  Non singing. (UNION OR NON)

Gender: Male  Age: 30 to 40


Fiona MacLaren

A lovely and frank woman. Very intelligent with a good sense of humor.  She seems to be wise beyond her years and has a no-nonsense way about her.  Excellent actor with strong lilting soprano voice. (UNION OR NON)

Gender: Female Age: 30’s


Roles available (non-union)


Meg Brockie

She is a sassy and saucy maid who’s always on the look out for the love of her life.  She sets her eye on Jeff.  Must be excellent comic actress with a big Broadway belt voice.  

Gender: Female (NON UNION)

Age: 30’s


Charlie Dalrymple

Jean's fiance. He’s a likeable, charming youth with a soaring Tenor voice.  Should move well.

Gender: Male (NON UNION)

Age: 20’s


Harry Beaton

The sensitive son of Archie.  He is a tortured soul and unhappy with his life in Brigadoon. Must be excellent actor and dance exceedingly well, Ballet MUST attend dance call to be considered

Gender: Male (NON UNION)

Age: 20’s


Jean MacLaren

Andrew's shy daughter and Charlie's betrothed.  She is gentle and lithe.  Must dance exceedingly well. Ballet. MUST attend dance call to be considered

Gender: Female (NON UNION)

Age: 20’s


Maggie Anderson (No Sides)

Must be excellent dancer, Ballet.   She can be firey and is in love with Harry.   He does not return her love. Gender: Female MUST attend dance call to be considered

Age: 20 to 30 (NON UNION)



Ensemble Dancers/Singers

Men & Women aged 18 – 40, all MUST sing and dance exceedingly well.  Strong Ballet & Broadway Jazz.  Role to be cast from ensemble:  Male Sword Dancer


To Be Cast Locally (Sharon CT area) 




Mr. Lundie

Mr. Lundie is the keeper of “The Miracle” and heart and soul of Brigadoon. He is kind, his manner is entirely benign, and he speaks with a trace of emotion. Seeking a character actor of immense charm mixed with a sense of theatricality. Must sing well as this character will sing in all ensemble numbers. Age: 50 to 60


Andrew MacLaren

Father of Fiona and Jean.  Head of his Clan. He is no-nonsense and a bit Gruff, but loves his daughters. 

Gender: Male (NON UNION) Age: 40’s


Archie Beaton

A kind Scot who sells fabrics.  Father of Harry.

Gender: Male (NON UNION) Age: 40-50’s

Angus MacGuffie (Read Archie Side)

A dairy seller at MacConnachy Square with Meg.  Head of his Clan

Gender: Male (NON UNION) Age: 40’s


Stuart Dalrymple (Read Archie Side)

Charlies father. Sells clothes in MaConnachy Square

Gender: Male (NON UNION) Age: 40’s


MacGregor (Read Archie Side)

Salted-meat seller in MacConnachy Square.  Head of his clan.

Gender: (NON UNION) Male Age: 30 to 50


Three Female Singers

Gender:  Female (NON UNION) – Ages 40-60.  Must sing well.