Audition Sides -


Sides/Music provided are for callbacks only.  However, due to the short time between preliminary calls and callbacks, feel free to print and familiarize yourself with the material on the chance you are asked to come back.

Roles available (Union or non-union)

Lina Lamont

A glamorous, beautiful and vain star of Hollywood’s silent films. She believes everything amazing she reads about herself in the gossip magazines, including that she and Don Lockwood are madly in love. While Lina is an antagonistic force, she is also a major comic presence as well. Seeking a confident, comedic actress who is not afraid to take positive risks and can keep Lina’s nasal, grating voice consistent throughout the entire show.  Must sing and move well. (UNION OR NON)


Cosmo Brown

Don Lockwood's best friend since childhood, Cosmo is an accomplished musician and a consummate jokester.   Must have a quirky charming persona and sing and dance well.  Seeking a comedic triple threat with quick comic timing.  Those auditioning for Cosmo must attend dance call on Thursday February 20thin NYC or (UNION OR NON)


Roles available (non-union)


Roscoe Dexter

The hot-headed, yet hilarious and impatient director of The Duelling Cavalier and many Lockwood and Lamont pictures.  Seeking a character actor with great comedy chops. (NON UNION)


Ensemble Dancers/Singers

Men & Women aged 18 – 40, all must sing and dance exceedingly well.  Broadway Jazz, Ballet & Tap.  Roles to be cast from ensemble:   Broadway Melody Ballet Specialty– Female dancer with ballet and partnering experience, 

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                      Rod:  Public Relations Agent                                               


                                       Production Tenor: Charming legit tenor up to solid Bflat.


To Be Cast Locally (Sharon CT area) (NON UNION):

Miss Dinsmore 

The vocal coach hired to turn Lina’s voice into cultured perfection. Tough, proper and slightly overworked rather eccentric and bohemian.  Will also appear in the ensemble as various characters. Female Character actress of a certain age.


Male Diction Coach

Eccentric, over the top, goofy diction coach for Don Lockwood.  Should have great comic timing. Male character actor of open age. Will also appear in the ensemble as various characters.


Roles already cast


Don Lockwood

Don is a much-loved film star of the silent movie era, who came into this position rather accidentally when he was working as a stuntman. He is dashing, handsome and genuinely likeable.  Must dance and sing well.  


Kathy Selden

Kathy is a young aspiring stage actress who looks down on silent film—a form she deems "undignified," because the actors do not use their voices.  Seeking a charming ingénue with a natural and graceful acting style. Must sing and dance well. 


R. F. Simpson

R.F. Simpson is the producer behind all of Lockwood and Lamont's films.  He’s the king of his castle.

Dora Bailey

Always first on the scene for any major film opening, and she has the Hollywood scoop. This is a perfect non-singing role for a student with a great speaking voice who isn’t quite ready for a lead.

Gender: Female





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